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What is an Online Teacher?

Teachers or tutors who use the Internet to teach courses "at a distance" are referred to as online instructors or teachers. Online teaching careers are also open to mentors or counselors who answer questions and provide emotional encouragement for online students.


Online teachers interact with students through email, message boards, online "blackboards," chat rooms or, in some cases, virtual reality platforms and software rather than face-to-face. The students could be from anywhere around the state of South Dakota.


Online teachers need to be able to translate traditional course material in ways that are understood in the online environment, because they can't rely on eye contact or other facial cues to determine whether students are understanding and maintaining interest in a lesson.


Online teachers are expected to promptly answer students' emails and message board questions, as this is the only form of access students have to teachers. Papers and other assignments are transmitted digitally between teacher and student.


Needless to say, anyone who is serious about an online teaching career must be comfortable with computers, Internet technology and, increasingly, social and mobile media.  Consider suggesting an online course that you can teach – there may be an interest by students.

One of the greatest advantages of being an online instructor is the flexibility you’ll experience. You can prepare your coursework anytime, day or night.  This level of flexibility allows you to focus on a full-time career, family and life while you teach. And, you can post your classroom presentations from any place that has an internet connection—home, work or the neighborhood coffee shop.

A successful candidate must possess a teaching certificate or relevant experience in the chosen field and a stable internet connection

Who makes a good online instructor?

  • Comfortable with technology

  • Highly knowledgeable in their subject area

  • Patient and resourceful

  • Passionate about connecting with students

  • Organized and able to manage time wisely

  • Good oral and written communication skills


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