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Dial Virtual School was the best decision I've ever made! Dial Virtual School is very easy to use and the teachers are always available to help my son and myself. I have the ability to check in on how his progress is going with the parent portal at anytime. We love the flexibility of the program! My sons grades are better in Dial Virtual School than they were in public school, I recommend Dial Virtual School to all my friends and family.

                                                                              Sylinda Dimond

Dial Virtual School has provided numerous benefits to our district and our students by providing a resource that enabled us to provide an online high school to students living in Oglala Lakota County (formerly Shannon County). By offering an extensive list of SD accredited high school course work designed to meet the state standards and graduation requirements, and 24/7 online availability, students can enjoy the flexibility of self-paced online course work. They can also access their classes from a variety of places such as our four public school sites, nine local college centers and even from home, if desired. In a rural area like our reservation, this saves the time and cost of long commutes to school. It also allows young parents to care for their kids while continuing their education. Online high school is not for everybody, but it offers the opportunity of progressing toward graduation instead of dropping out for many of our students!

Carolyn Tail 

OLCVHS Site Coordinator 

As an instructor, I enjoy the flexibility Edgenuity provides for my students. Edgenuity provides students with an individualized learning experience—they move at their own pace, can work at any time of day or night, and are able to attempt tasks multiple times when necessary. It’s rewarding helping students from all over the state of South Dakota succeed. 

                                                                              Katie Raak
Math Instructor
DIAL Virtual School

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